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The thought of how tiring a renovation exercise could be can make some house owners jettison the idea. What most people don’t consider is that a renovation exercise doesn’t have to be stressful. You can get your house to wear a new look these days with some simple rearrangements and just a little renovation. We shall look at some useful tips that you can adopt to change the look of your house without the usual stress that comes with renovations.

Change your entrance door from a single door to a double door

The entrance to your house matters a lot and is usually the first feature to be noticed whenever someone comes to your house. You can make it have a new look by changing it from a single door to a double door. You may not be able to handle this on your own if you do not have prior experience. This is because changing from a single door to a double door requires that you might break some concrete to create more space for the second door. You can employ the services of a general contractor. They can advise on the best possible design and even help you implement it.

Repainting or using wallpapers

One of the features in your house that may make you tired of the whole setup is the painting in the house and even the exterior. You can change the look of your house in an instant by repainting it. Choose new lively colors and for your kitchen, parlor, and bedrooms. You can even change things by introducing wallpapers to enhance the beauty of the interior. There are a number of fanciful wallpapers nowadays to choose from. You can go for animation characters wallpapers for the children’s rooms and the like. As for the exterior, you can paint it in such a way that your new door makes a decorative statement and stands out. A white exterior with a dark grey door can help.

Work on the lighting

The lighting of a house is what brings life into that house and it is good to choose this wisely. A poor-lit room will look small, dark, and cramped. This may be the case in your house with some bulbs becoming no longer useful. You may even be tired of the ambiance created. So a total change of the lighting can help. There are so many ways to brighten your home with lighting choices. Some people just do some addition to what they already have with table and floor lamps. All the dark corners could have floor lamps lighting them up. However, you can get more adventurous by replacing all the ceiling fixtures. Instead, you could invest in LED grow lights that will also help your indoor plants thrive. You might need an electrician’s help for some of these. When you use plenty of bright lights, your home would look modernized.

Work on your cabinets

This is one way to change the look in your kitchen apart from brightening the environment. You can update the door handles or the drawer pulls. There is nothing more old-fashioned than having a worn-out kitchen or bathroom cabinet. So when you are thinking of a renovation, those are perfect examples to work on. There are so many modern choices in the market these days so it may be difficult for you to choose which to go for. It is better to have a design in mind before searching or you just go for anyone that would fit with the colors of where you would be installing the set.

Update window treatments

When you leave your windows bare, you are missing out on an important aspect of your house’s beautification. Most homeowners struggle to go with decisions on what should fit for the bedrooms, parlor, or all other rooms in the house. There are beautiful choices that will add that class you need to your interior. No matter how beautiful the view from the outside is, it can be framed stylishly by a good choice of window panels. You can go bold with geometric curtain panels or you can go beachy with gauzy white sheers. The options are endless anyways. Just take a cue from the color schemes you already have in place and you are good to go.

Final Word

Applying new design retrofits doesn’t require as much work in renovations as an actual total renovation. The goal is to keep most of the things in place and just put some modernizing touches on them. The end result will be a beautiful piece if properly done by the right contractors. Why not consider furnishing your house using this method? You will discover it is not that much of a stressful exercise.


Written by Rian Harrolton for T.H.E. Remodel Group