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Are you ready to learn the best home decor design secrets that you haven’t learned before? Make the most of your spaces using these eleven tips for the best interior design.


#1: Never Skip Window Treatments

One hard and fast rule of interior decorating that should be talked about more frequently is window treatments. Never skip out on them!

Framing windows in a charming way that lets light in while also adding style will pull the room together and make sure that you have a complete look in each of your rooms. Always budget for window treatments that suit your taste.


#2: Lighting Matters

Interior design is often focused on wall color, accent pieces, and rugs. All of these things are very important but don’t forget about lighting.

Not only should you make sure that every space has ample lighting, but you also want to be sure that the lighting used in each space makes sense for that area. For example, the lighting in your bedroom should be soft and cool to contribute to the relaxing vibes you want to create there.


#3: Mix-and-Match Sizes

One of the trickiest things about learning interior design for new homeowners is how to set up accessories on tables, shelves, and other focal areas so that it looks great. Why does everything look great at the store but feels impossible to put in place at home?

The secret is scale!

Mix and match at least three different scales when grouping items together. For example, a set of coasters, a tall lamp, and a plant that sits somewhere in between can be grouped together nicely on a side table for fantastic room appeal.


#4: Consider Small Areas, Too

When designing, we often focus only on the biggest parts of the home: the living room, kitchen, and dining room table. However, there is great design value in adding lovely touches to smaller, less obvious areas as well.

For example, taking time to add some decoration above your kitchen cabinets can pull together a kitchen without making it feel kitschy or cluttered.


#5: Wallpaper’s OK; Really!

From wallpapering the back of glass-door cabinets to giving bathrooms a bold design with wallpaper, you can use this easy technique to completely rejuvenate a space.


#6: Go Extravagant In Your Master Bathroom

If you have a master bathroom, make sure you plan an epic design scheme for it. Even if you cannot remodel the space to have the newest fixtures and appliances, you can decorate and style the room to be the center of luxury you deserve.

Master bathrooms are made to be functional, but these rooms also provide a great opportunity to use interior design to create a comfortable, relaxing space. Focus on choosing colors that can recharge and enthrall you so that you feel just as luxurious as the room when you leave it.


#7: Reupholster Old Pieces

Do you have a sofa that you love but it seriously limits your design options?

Consider getting it reupholstered. While re-upholstering can be pricey, it is typically less expensive than buying something new, and you can quickly change the direction of a space with this change. Similarly, if you have a recliner, why not get a new cover to change up your space?


#8: Flow With The Seasons

Your spaces shouldn’t be treated with a “one and done” attitude. Instead, think about what accessories can be easily changed out to reflect the season or simply update the style from time to time.

Vases and pots outfitted with faux flowers to reflect the season outside are one great solution; another is to change throw pillows and blankets to fit the mood better. These changes are easy, and you can even just rotate things between rooms to mix them up. The best interior design is current and always flowing. Don’t feel like things have to stay one way forever.


#9: Pile-Up The Pillows!

Put more than just one pillow on your couches, loveseats, and other seating options. Pile them up! Pillows can be moved aside if you want to fit more people when sitting, but they create a unique appeal when bunched up together at all other times.


#10: Mix New Trends With Old Classics

Sometimes, trends only last a very short time. Updating your entire space to work around that trend can end up leaving things feeling dated. Instead, try adding just a touch of the trend into one of your spaces.


#11: Just Add A Plant!

Stuck with a space and not sure what to do with it?

Add a plant.

Seriously! Sometimes all it takes to help a room feel complete is a little bit of life. If you can’t care for or maintain a plant in your room, don’t be afraid to get a nice faux plant. These look just as good as the real thing, and they don’t need to be cared for.