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Planning is an integral step in any home improvement project. Not only do you need to figure out what you would like to do, but you also need to plan ahead to ensure that it is feasible, affordable, and will add literal and figurative value to your home. A home addition requires extensive planning upfront if you want to seamlessly incorporate new space onto your home. We have put together a list of questions and elements to consider before moving forward with your home addition.


Figure out the “Why”

What is the purpose of the addition? Do you need a spot for guests? Do your teens need a space to hang out with friends?

If the “why” behind your remodel is just the fact that you’re outgrowing your space, consider what type of space you would like more of. Your addition can take on many different forms, knowing the functionality of the space will make a lot of other factors fall into place.


Would a remodel of the existing space work instead? Once you’ve honed in on what you’re trying to accomplish, is it possible that you could reconfigure the space you have now instead? 

Remodeling can be less expensive (keyword being “can be”) than adding on since it does away with the need for a new foundation and roof. If you’re working with a professional contractor like T.H.E. Remodel Group they should help you find the most space and cost-effective solution to accomplish your vision.


Will it add value to your home? 

Even if you’re planning to stay in your home for five years or more, it doesn’t hurt to consider the resale value of your addition. One way to gauge this is to find out what other homes in your neighborhood offer. If you have the only house on your block with just one bathroom, then adding another likely makes good economic sense.


Check Zoning Setbacks

Can my property handle an addition?

When adding to your home you have two directions, up and out. Before building out, you need to know how close you may legally get to the property line and where underground utility lines run. You can get this information from your local zoning department. Also, get a copy of your survey. Having this information makes the following steps much easier.


Set a Budget

What is your budget?

Before you commit to building the room addition, crunch some numbers to determine what you can afford. The average cost to build a home addition or add a room is $48,000 with most homeowners spending anywhere between $22,500 and $155,000. 


Will you be taking out a loan or using savings?

With that in mind, decide how you will finance the room addition, whether with savings, by refinancing your mortgage, or with a home equity loan or line of credit. If financing, settle on a payment plan that you’re comfortable with, including the monthly payment amount and the number of months you will be repaying the loan.


There are also non-construction-related costs associated with adding square footage to your home. Be sure to factor in increased heating and cooling costs, higher homeowner’s insurance premiums, and a hike in property taxes.


Determine Your Non-Negotiables

What are your “must-haves”?

Everyone has a wish list. But there are some things you just can’t live without. If mom is coming to live with you, her own private bath or basement apartment could be a non-negotiable. To help in the design process, make a list of your “must-haves” and your “would-be-nice-to-haves.” For instance, you want hard floors—a must-have. And while natural hardwood would be lovely, you could live with laminate flooring.


One of the biggest steps you can take towards ensuring the success of your home addition is to assemble the right team for the job. It’s important to find a contractor who understands the market, offers years of experience, and has a finger on the pulse of design. While this might sound like a lot, thankfully you’re in the right place! T.H.E. Remodel Group is perfectly positioned to help you plan and execute your home addition. Our unique design-build method allows us to help you make the best possible decisions starting from day one. Additionally, our excellent customer service is about more than just answering your questions. We want to understand the “why” for your home addition and find the best possible way to achieve it. Contact us today to start putting our 30 years of experience to work for you!